Product - Water Softening Agent

Water Softening Agent

Biodegradable treatment for hard and very hard water. Avoids limestone stains on the modules.

Hard & very hard water treatment: Keep your panels spotless and efficient

ChemiTek's Water Softening Agent (WSA) is a specially formulated solution designed to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your solar panels. It softens hard water and prevents mineral buildup, allowing your panels to operate at their maximum capacity.

WSA works by softening hard and very hard water, it has an action time of about 20 minutes, preventing mineral buildup on your solar panels. It is easy to apply and can be used in conjunction with other cleaning agents of ChemiTek, for maximum effectiveness.

This is a valuable tool for solar panels owners that do their own cleaning, and also to companies that specialize in solar panel cleaning, helping to reduce cleaning time and improve efficiency.

Benefits of treating water with WSA

By using our Water Softener for solar panel cleaning, O&M teams and asset owners can:

  • Save Time and Money: treating water with WSA helps reducing the cleaning time and costs;
  • Improve Energy Efficiency: mineral buildup can significantly reduce the energy output of your solar panels. WSA helps to keep your panels operating at their maximum efficiency, providing a more consistent energy output;
  • Extend Panel Lifespan: regular cleaning with WSA helps to protect your solar panels from damage caused by mineral buildup, extending their lifespan and ensuring that they continue to perform at their best.

Order ChemiTek's Water Softening Agent today and experience the benefits of using soft water for solar panel cleaning!

Industries & Application

  • Treatment for water used in the cleaning of photovoltaic panels;
  • Treatment to prevent the appearance of limestone deposits (on cleaning equipment, solar panels, etc.)
  • Installers of photovoltaic plants
  • Solar panel cleaning companies
  • Solar parks with their own maintenance teams

Available Formats

  • 2L drum
  • 5L drum
  • 20L drum
  • 1000L IBC

  • The WSA is not a cleaning product. It is a softener for hard and very hard water. It is a biodegradable product that reduces water hardness by capturing ions, thus preventing the appearance of spots and stains due to the mineral deposits (i.e. limestone).

  • Studies show that tap water is almost always unsuitable for cleaning solar modules. The presence of minerals will, after drying, form limescale/stain deposits on your panel glass. This will decrease energy production or even damage the panel due to the creation of hotspots. Therefore, one of the most important things to consider when cleaning your panel, apart from the product you will use to remove the dirt, is the type of water used.

  • Hard waters are those with a high concentration of salts and minerals, mainly cations of calcium and magnesium, or cations of other metals, such as barium, iron, manganese, strontium and zinc. The hardness of water can differ geographically, i.e. it will depend on the geological nature of the place the water passes through and with which it comes into contact. Hard water is associated with areas where the rocks are of a calcareous nature. Waters from limestone areas are harder than waters from granitic areas (waters from granitic areas are typically softer).

  • The type of water used in the cleaning and maintenance of solar panels is one of the fundamental steps for correct cleaning. The use of hard water or water with a high content of organic matter (such as water from rivers and lakes) is not recommended for cleaning solar panels. It is recommended to use water with the least possible amount of impurities (the least possible amount of minerals and organic matter), with a neutral pH, non-abrasive to the panel materials.

  • The best water for cleaning is demineralised water obtained through reverse osmosis, as this process eliminates most impurities. Distilled or deionised water, free of mineral ions and other impurities, are also a good option for cleaning panels.

    Read more here.

  • Recommended Dilution Specifications according to Manufacturer (ChemiTek):

    • For soft water, use a dilution of 1:2000 (0,5L per 1000L);
    • For medium water, use a dilution of 1:1500 (0,67L per 1000L);
    • For hard water use a 1:1000 dilution (1L per 1000L);
    • For very hard water use a 1:500 dilution (2L per 1000L).

    Note: the dilution might vary according to the expected results.

  • The WSA treatment has an action time of about 20 minutes. For faster results, stirring the water is recommended.

  • Yes, the WSA solution is compatible with other products made by ChemiTek.

  • The Water Softening Agent is easy to apply to your solar panels. Simply dilute the product with water according to the dilution ratio on the Technical Datasheet. Then, apply it to your panels using a soft-bristled brush or sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water. For best results, use the WSA regularly as part of your solar panel maintenance routine.

    You can use WSA with other cleaning agents of ChemiTek.