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Dec, 15 - 2022

How to protect your shower screen?

There are many homeowners dreaming of luxury furniture and trendy pieces to set up their bathroom area. The ideal furniture should be chosen keeping in mind that this room is where we seek to relax and do our beauty treatments. However, the wrong finish or furniture can set aside the total comfort and luxury of your bathroom.

If you are looking for a functional yet inviting watery oasis bathroom style, whether you are renovating or designing a new bathroom, opt for a glass shower screen that conforms to your concerns and daily life alongside resources. Their clean aesthetic gives any bathroom a simple yet modern look. Their uncomplicated design allows easy access to the shower and is part of a stylish layout for bathrooms both large and small.

However, shower screens do require some upkeep to stay clean. If you have a shower screen (or are planning to get one), it’s important to keep it clean.

There are several different treatments that can be applied to glass, depending on the specific properties that are desired, but today we will talk about the hydrophobic coating for glass surfaces and non-porous surfaces (e.g. stainless-steel and chromed fixtures, tiles and grouts, etc.) IGP - Industrial Glass Protect.

By applying this hydrophobic coating to your glass, you will be creating a protective layer that will prevent scratching, damage, or dirt build-up (e.g. hard water stains, limescale deposits, body and hair soap foam, etc.). In sum, the goal of this glass treatment is to enhance the durability, performance, and appearance of the glass.

Apply IGP – Industrial Glass Protect

IGP is a premium surface coating with hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) properties, developed and optimized to protect the glass, minimizing the adhesion of dirt and grease/oil, and minimizing the glass deterioration.

Not only will IGP reduce cleaning time by up to 90%, but it will also protect the glass from etching and scratching, and avoid the use of chemical detergents.

Application Instructions

The success of the application depends on following the instructions below carefully:

1. Glass Preparation

Clean and degrease the glass in small sections between 0.5 to 1m2 with 70% ethyl alcohol, to avoid evaporation of the alcohol, or with the Pre-cleaner that comes with the kit.

Look at the glass from different angles to confirm that all the dirt has been removed.

Change sections until all the glass is clean. Overlap the different sections to avoid the risk of uncleaned areas.

For a perfect result, ChemiTek suggests, after cleaning, to polish the entire surface with the yellow microfiber cloth that comes with the kit. The cleaner the surface of the glass, the better the result of the coating, making it more effective and durable.

2. IGP Application

Before proceeding to the application of the coating you must ensure that the surface is completely dry.

Using the IGP sprayer that comes with the kit, apply a fine mist of the product on the glass surface between 10 to 20cm away from the glass – the ideal amount of product is between 5 to 10mL/m2. The application should be done in sections smaller than 2m2 to avoid the evaporation of the product before the polishing stage.

Then, polish the entire surface with the blue microfiber cloth that comes with the kit, ensuring the distribution of the product on the entire surface. Polish until the entire glass surface has the IGP product applied. You should even polish the different sections again, to avoid the risk of uncoated areas and to ensure a perfect result.

Once the application is finished, let the treatment cure for 2 hours before putting the glass in contact with any type of chemicals (e.g., detergents, shampoo, soap, etc.)

3. Glass Maintenance After IGP Application

Sinks, shower doors, and countertops become wet after some time due to the nature of the purpose they serve. It’s almost impossible to keep them dry for a longer period of time. However, you can avoid the water from sitting on the surface and causing damage by wiping it off with towels or squeegees.

Like many other problems, the ultimate best solution to stubborn hard water stains is to protect the surface with IGP. If it still gains hard water stains that are encrusted and difficult to remove after the application of the coating, here are glass maintenance guidelines.

The glass protected with IGP must be cleaned using a microfiber cloth and when necessary, a soft, non-abrasive and neutral pH detergent. NEVER use harsh, abrasive, highly acid or alkaline cleaners, as they can damage the protective coating and thus drastically reduce its life span.

If your area has hard water stains, we suggest using pure white vinegar diluted in water in a 1 to 5 ratio (200mL of vinegar for every liter of water) to clean the glass.


“Prevention is better than cure”.  It’s better to prevent the damage than to treat it.

Use the above-mentioned coating to protect your shower glass, windows, mirrors, tiles and grouts, stainless-steel and chrome fixtures at home and to keep them clean and shining.

If the hard water stains are still buildup, then don’t forget to try our DIY home cleaning detergent! Just make a DIY cleaner and wipe them off your glass!