Product - IGP Kit


Complete DIY kit for the homeowner that wants its glass protected and easy to clean.

Protect Your Glass From Dirt and Deterioration

The IGP Kit - Industrial Glass Protect is a DIY ("do-it-yourself") treatment for all type of glass and non-porous surface (e.g. stainless-steel and chrome fixtures, tiles and grouts, varnished ceramic) to apply at home, cutting cleaning time by 90%.

Due to its hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) properties, this treatment will protect the surface by minimizing the adherence of dirt and grease/oil to the glass, facilitating future cleanings without requiring toxic detergents, whilst it is also preventing etching, corrosion and deterioration of the glass surface.

This innovative solution is non-toxic, meaning you can easily apply indoors and outdoors without being corrosive for your health.

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    - Cuts cleaning time by more than 90%

    - Protects the surface against hard water stains and other dirt (e.g. shampoo, soap, etc.), saline environments, graffiti, cement slurry

    - Protects the surface from etching, corrosion, wear

    - Long lasting – 1 application lasts up to 3 years

    - Certified UV and abrasion resistance

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    - Faster and easier cleaning, which allows the reduced use of toxic and harsh cleaners

    - Ready to use and easier to apply – can be applied without any expensive proprietary machinery

    - Suitable for application on other non-porous surfaces as aluminum frames, stainless-steel fixtures, tiles and grouts, etc.

    - Short curing time even at room temperature

A variety of applications ...

IGP was developed to use on a variety of applications, from the smallest residential bathrooms to the largest architectural installations:

  • Shower Glass
  • Glass Railings
  • Glass Balustrades
  • Skylights
  • Tiles & Grouts
  • Stainless-steel accessories (faucets, towel racks, fridges, etc.)

It is also very effective both indoor and outdoors, since it is a odorless product that it won't cause damage to your health. The ideal temperature to apply the IGP is between 15ºC and 30ºC, and low to medium relative humidity. These two factors are particularly important when applying the product on exterior glass.

FAQs List

  • The IGP Kit includes: 1 sprayer of 125 mL of pre-cleaner for cleaning the glass/surface before applying the coating; 1 yellow microfiber cloth to clean the entire surface after applying the pre-cleaner; 1 sprayer of 50 mL of IGP hydrophobic coating; 1 blue microfiber cloth to polish the entire surface after applying the coating on the glass/surface; 1 steel wool roll to remove those pesky limestone stains that aren't coming off easily with the pre-cleaner only; Instructions and FAQs.

  • IGP can be applied to all types of glass, such as tempered, laminated, thermal, textured, tinted, acid etched, sandblasted, and curved glass, and in all types of applications such as shower enclosures, mirrors, windows, glass doors, solar panels, skylights, or pool screens.

  • Yes, IGP can be applied on all kinds of chrome or stainless steel fittings, such as taps,  tower rails, handles, etc., with identical results to those obtained in the glass.

  • After opening the package, we recommend using it in the following 12 months.

  • Yes, IGP has hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil repellent) properties that make the glass easier to clean.

  • No, the wear of the coat doesn’t cause stains and is not visually noticeable. To confirm that your glass is still protected, check if the water repellence effect is still present.

  • Proper glass preparation is essential for good adhesion of the coating to the glass. The glass must be free of dirt, grease and lime scale incrustations, soap and or shampoo.

  • Yes, new glass also must be prepared. Since there are no incrustations present, the glass only needs to be cleaned and degreased.

  • Yes, on glass that already shows degradation it may no longer be possible to remove all stains and/or scratches. The presence of the coating will prevent further degradation of the glass and make it easier to clean.

  • No, the coating will not stain or damage materials such as plastic, silicone, aluminium, or wood. If the coating meets any of these materials during application, simply wipe the surface clean until the product is no longer visible. Temporary water repellence may occur on that same surface.

  • The recommended quantity is 5 to 10mL per square meter. A fine mist over the entire surface is sufficient. The product should not be enough to run off.

  • In case of over-application of the product, the solution is simple. The glass will look greasy, and it will be necessary to remove the excess product with a microfiber cloth. After removing the excess, use a clean microfiber cloth to polish the surface until the product is no longer visible.

  • The ideal temperature to apply the product is between 15ºC and 30ºC, and low to medium relative humidity. These two factors are particularly important when applying the product on exterior glass. Low temperature will delay the curing of the coating and high temperatures lead to accelerated evaporation of the product during application.

  • The recommended curing time is 1,5 to 2 hours. During this time the glass should not have contact with water neither with any chemicals such as soap, shampoo and/or conditioner.

  • If it rains during the curing period, the coating will not be affected, and as such it does not need to be reapplied.

  • When you notice that the coating has reached the end of its life and is no longer performing as expected, you can reapply the IGP. Simply repeat the application process as you did the first time. It is not necessary to remove the previous coating before reapplying IGP.

  • Yes. The IGP coating helps keeping the glass cleaner for longer by making it harder for dirt to build up on the surface. However, it does not eliminate the need for cleaning, as it is not a self-cleaning product.

  • The correct application of the coating guarantees a lifespan of more than 3 years.

  • Glass protected with IGP should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and, if necessary, a mild, non-abrasive, neutral pH detergent. NEVER use abrasive and/or highly acidic or alkaline detergents, as it will greatly shorten the life of the coating. If your area has hard water and causes a lot of limescale deposits, we suggest using pure white vinegar diluted in water in a 1 to 5 ratio (200mL of vinegar for every litre of water) to clean the glass.

  • The wear caused by normal cleaning of the glass with a microfiber cloth is extremely low. The main reasons for accelerated wear of the coating are the use of aggressive and/or abrasive detergents and the use of scouring pads and other abrasive tools for cleaning the glass.

  • If your glass is still easy to clean and the water repellent effect is still there, then your glass is still protected.