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Oct, 23 - 2023

Top Brushes for Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar cleaning can be quite challenging, specially if you do not have the right tools for each job. There is a variety of tools and equipment that a professional solar cleaner needs and, for the majority of the cleaners, the most important is the manual brush. Manual brushes come in all shapes and sizes and finding the right one can be hard. Below is the list of the brushes that gather more consensus between professional solar cleaners. For the majority of PV plants, a soft brush is enough to get the expected results. Soft brushes are great since they will not damage the panels and the finishing quality will be high; however, the choice of softness depends on the type of soiling to be removed. For this reason, you should make sure you use the right type of brush for the soiling photovoltaic solar panels. The scale of the plant is also an important factor when choosing between a water fed pole (WFP) and a rotary brush.

Within the world of professional solar panel cleaning, there is a wide range of brushes from different brands, each with its unique characteristics. Whether you seek a versatile workhorse like the Tucker Alpha Nylon, capable of both glass and solar cleaning, or the high performance of the Tucker Solar, designed exclusively for solar panel maintenance, these two brushes are excellent options. For those battling heavily encrusted dirt and tenacious contaminants such as lichens, the Gardner Ultimate Stiff Brush emerges as the go-to solution. Its harder bristles will help you get the job done faster. When looking to tackle bigger jobs or just save your shoulders, the Solatecs C and the Qleen RotaQleen are the ones elected by the cleaners. The Solatecs C brush is high pressure water driven therefore eliminates the need for batteries, allowing you to work for as long as you want without worrying about the charge level. If you hate managing high pressure hoses, the Qleen RotaQleen brush, since it is battery operated, will give you more freedom of movement and allows efficient brushing without the constant need for water. The use of chemicals will also be easier since you can brush without water. And when cost-effectiveness is paramount, the Unger nLite Solar Radius Brush, from a renowned industry leader, provides a low-cost yet reliable alternative.

Based on our experience and of our partners, you can check our top recommendations (in no particular order) of professional manual cleaning brushes, manual and rotative brushes, for photovoltaic solar panels and what their manufacturers say about them.

Manual Brushes

“Tucker Solar Boost 27' Water Fed Pole Kit with Alpha Solar Brush—a must-have for solar panel cleaners. Tucker, an industry veteran, proudly manufactures this premium pole kit right here in the USA.

The Solar Boost pole kit includes a specialized water-fed brush for solar panel cleaning, 100' of pole tubing, and male and female quick connects. Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, this 27' pole guarantees durability and performance.

Now, let's focus on the Tucker Alpha Solar XL Brush, expertly tailored for solar panel cleaning. This innovative brush, born from collaboration with cleaning professionals, is engineered for tough cleaning tasks. It applies downward pressure to tackle heavily soiled surfaces efficiently.

What sets it apart? Unlike generic window cleaning brushes adapted for solar panels, this brush is purpose-built for the job. It features a full-length rinse bar spanning its width and a quick-release swivel, perfectly compatible with Tucker #1 clamps. Plus, it comes with Tucker's signature built-in swivel for effortless side-to-side maneuvering.

Size-wise, it's XL, measuring 17" in width and 3" in height, yet remarkably lightweight at 1.7 lbs. Elevate your solar panel cleaning game with the Tucker Solar Boost 27' Pole Kit and the Alpha Solar XL Brush—engineered for excellence.”

Lightweight alternative for window and solar cleaning:

“Tucker water fed brush - alpha nylon - 4 pencil jets, rinse bar, and swiveling gooseneck. His brush is one of the best investments you can make in your window or solar panel cleaning company. The Tucker Alpha Nylon brush is a top-tier tool for window and solar panel cleaning. It features 4 pencil jets, a rinse bar, and a swiveling gooseneck, providing unmatched flexibility. You can rinse through the pencil jets, the rinse bar, or both simultaneously using a Y-adapter. The swiveling gooseneck allows for precise movement while maintaining rinse power.

This lightweight, versatile water-fed brush suits all skill levels. Nylon bristles effortlessly glide on glass, with longer outer edges for easy movement and inner bristles for deep scrubbing. The outer bristle splay reaches corners and window trim. Invest in this brush for superior cleaning performance.”

The lower cost option to get you started:

“Lightweight brushes, designed to get into the smallest corners and lift dirt with a highly effective scrubbing action, and without the risk of damage to the delicate surface of Solar and PV panels.

The Unger nLite Solar brushes have a radius profile and the soft polyester bristles are unflagged to eliminate the possibility of debris retention. They are cut to two lengths to provide maximum cleaning performance.

The lightweight brush stock (body) has interchangeable jet locations and quick-change jets. All Unger nLite Solar brushes are supplied with 2 x pencil jets and connecting hose.”

When facing incrusted soiling, lichens and other harsh contaminants:

“Ultimate™ – A lightweight everyday brush with more compact bristle length. An excellent balance between light weight, glass coverage & longevity.

The 35CM ULTIMATE BRUSH - STIFF - the ultimate companion for your cleaning needs.

Versatile and lightweight everyday cleaning tool. This brush is designed for maximum efficiency, featuring dual trim bristles that make it easy to tackle tough cleaning tasks.

The stiff bristles are perfect for use with hot water, and the brush is safe to use on glass surfaces without the risk of scratching. It's also compatible with high water temperatures, up to 75°C, for various cleaning needs.

For added convenience, the brush comes with one set of jet capsules, and you can customize it with different jet configurations. Plus, it's backed by a six-month warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring your peace of mind.

The 35CM ULTIMATE BRUSH - STIFF offers a perfect blend of durability, versatility, and performance for your cleaning requirements.”

Rotary Brushes

High pressure water driven:

“SOLA-TECS C by Cleantecs offers a professional solution for cleaning and maintenance of solar energy and photovoltaic systems. Brush for cleaning photovoltaic panels with pole systems from the ground or roof, ensures the best cleaning from the ground, roof or lifting platform. The rotating brushes are guided using a telescopic boom or modular poles. Its low weight makes this brush very practical and easy to handle.

It is based on motorless technology, with which the brush rollers are rotated by a high-pressure cleaner. With their compact designs, low contact weight and orientation through telescopic lances, these mobile devices guarantee quick and easy cleaning of all photovoltaic systems. Great results in other areas too, whether it's cleaning windows and buildings or cleaning conservatories.”

Battery operated:

“ROTAQLEEN, a rotating brush that cleans quickly and thoroughly, and is particularly multifunctional. It is simply mounted on QLEEN poles and can be used from the ground up to a height of 21 meters for glass, façade, or solar cleaning work.

The electrically operated brush is specifically designed for thorough cleaning of large horizontal solar panel areas. Electronic jets positioned on each side of the rotating brush for optimal cleaning.

The weighted brush head and rotating bristles glide efficiently over extremely large surface areas.

The angle or direction of the brush is controlled by a patented joint for precision and user ease with a simple twist of the pole. Controlled by a wireless remote, the operator can change the direction of brush rotation, water flow and, if necessary, the use of the cleaning solution (certified products for use in solar panels).  

Cleaning work can be carried out with QLEEN systems without scaffolding, lifting platforms or elevating platforms to a height of 21 meters. Save planning effort, time, and money optimizing cleaning."

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