Product - Truck Wash Pro

Truck Wash Pro

Alkaline product for professional use, for pre-washing of trucks, buses, heavy machinery and trains.

Easy washing with degreasing action for truck, train, bus and all heavy machinery washing.

The alkaline solution Truck Wash Pro is a shampoo for pre-washing heavy vehicles, which penetrates and reacts chemically with all kinds of dirt, dissolving it easily, and simultaneously emulsifies and degreases oils, fats, minerals, synthetics and vegetables, without damaging the paint and finish of the vehicle.

TWP is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is a solvent-free, non-flammable, and odorless product that is not harmful to health.

Automated truck and bus wash centers, road and rail freight and public transport companies, earthmoving and mining companies, etc. can use Truck Wash Pro to wash all heavy machinery such as trucks, trains, tractors, etc.

Save time and clean better with Truck Wash Pro!

Industries & Application
  • Apply pre-wash solution to trucks, trains and all heavy machinery
  • Automatic washing centers for trucks and buses
  • Road and rail freight and public transport companies
  • Earthmoving companies, mines, etc.
Available Formats
  • 2kg drum
  • 5kg drum
  • 20kgdrum
  • 1000kg IBC
  • TWP washes all heavy machinery: dumpsters, garbage trucks, trucks, buses, trains

  • Automatic washing installations, manual washing, and engine, chassis, rims.

    In the case of washing the engine, chassis and rims, the concentration is higher (see data sheet); if you prefer, use Super Degreasing Mono, developed precisely for this type of application.

  • No. TWP does not damage the painting or the finish, because its an environmentally friendly;

  • Depending on how dirty the heavy vehicle is you may need brushes.