Product - Super Degreasing Mono

Super Degreasing Mono

Degreaser/descaling agent for oils, fuels, grease, and coal deposits and other hard to remove stains.

Powerful degreaser of oils, fuel, grease and coal deposits.

Super Degreasing Mono (SDM) is an efficient, safe and economical degreaser that easily cleans parts without forming an oily film.

This powerful degreaser and descaler penetrates quickly and chemically and reacts with any kind of dirt (e.g. oil, fuel, grease and coal deposits, soot, exhaust fumes, etc.), dissolving it easily, without attacking metal surfaces.

SDM is a concentrated solution that can be applied by machine shops and almost all non-food industries (e.g. steel, oil, shipbuilding, aircraft, automobile, construction, printing, etc.) to clean machines, parts, cars, trucks, dumpsters and garbage trucks, oil cans, tarpaulins, engines, rims, chassis, walls, rubbers, roads and floors in all types of industries.

SDM contains no hazardous solvents and is non-flammable. Simply dilute it in water, spray it on, brush lightly, rinse, and your part/equipment will be as good as new, spotlessly clean, and return to its original appearance.

Save time and reduce labor costs with Super Degreasing Mono!

Industries & Applications
  • Cleaning and degreasing of machinery, equipment, parts, cars, trucks, engines, rims, chassis, sheet metal, tanks and cisterns, roads and floors in all types of industries
  • Greenhouse cleaning, filtration, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Almost the entire non-food industry (e.g. steel, oil, shipbuilding, aeronautics, automobile, construction, printing, etc.)
Available Formats
  • 2kg drum
  • 5kg drum
  • 20kg drum
  • 1000kg IBC
  • SDM was developed to remove old (impregnated) stains and stronger degreasing.

  • Super Degreasing Mono removes stains and degreases from engines, recycling bins, oil sumps, floors, etc., and it is good for use in mechanical industries - parts washing, etc., while Spill Control Pro is used to disperse oil spills.

  • Both clean and degrease, but SDM is recommended for older and harder to remove stains, while Biodegrease Pro has biodegradable surfactants.

  • SDM is a degreasing solution that, unlike others sold on the market, does not contain any hazardous components, such as chlorinated solvents or petroleum solvents. It is not flammable and is biodegradable.

  • Yes, you should wear gloves and glasses.