Product - Solar Wash Protect

Solar Wash Protect

2 in 1 product for cleaning and antistatic protection, developed and certified for photovoltaic solar panels.

2 in 1 biodegradable solution: cleans organic dirt and protects solar panels

Solar panels are an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to generate electricity, but they require proper maintenance to function at their best. One of the main challenges of maintaining solar panels is removing organic dirt, such as bird droppings, pollen, tree sap and other debris that accumulate on the surface over time. This can reduce the efficiency of the panels and affect their lifespan.

Solar Wash Protect (SWP) by ChemiTek is a concentrated, biodegradable, and innovative solution designed to help you keep your solar panels clean and minimize their maintenance and cleaning costs. The unique formula of SWP not only cleans a wide range of organic dirt from your solar panels, but also provides a protective antistatic coating that helps prevent future dirt and debris buildup. This means less need for maintenance and longer lifespan of the solar panels.

This solution was developed for professionals, such as:

  • Companies that install photovoltaic plants;
  • O&M companies;
  • Solar assets with their own maintenance teams.

If you are a professional looking for ways to differentiate your services and/or increase the efficiency of your solar installation, use a unique and innovative product like SWP, which is fully tested and certified by the international laboratory TÜV Sud, has letters of conformity from 12 of the 15 largest photovoltaic solar panel producers in the world, and above all is a biodegradable, easy to apply and environmentally friendly product!

Cleans a wide range of organic dirt ...

Solar Wash Protect uses an advanced liquid technology to break down and dissolve a wide range of organic dirt from the surface of your solar panels, such as bird droppings, pollen, bee's wax, dust, Saharan dust, tree sap, and other contaminants.

Increases up to 5% efficiency ...

The antistatic properties of SWP will make your future cleanings easier, because it keeps the panel cleaner between cleanings, reduces cleaning time and water consumption by up to 50%.

Cleaning your modules with the SWP solution, when compared to a water-only cleaning, allows for an increase in solar panel efficiency of up to 5%, resulting in significant economic benefits for the solar farm owner.

How it works?

Solar Wash Protect uses advanced liquid technology to break down and dissolve organic dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the modules of your solar panels. This concentrated formula is highly effective and must be diluted to suit your specific cleaning needs. Simply mix the product with cleaned water, apply it to the surface of your solar panels, rinse with water, et voilá!, your solar panels are cleaned and protected!


  • Effectively removes organic dirt from solar panels
  • Can be used on all types of solar panels (photovoltaic and thermal)
  • Safe and non-toxic formula that won't damage the surface of your solar panels
  • Provides a protective coating that helps prevent future dirt and debris buildup
  • Saves time and money on maintenance and cleaning
Industries & Applications
  • Cleaning and protection of photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal panels, photovoltaic solar tiles, etc.
  • Installers of photovoltaic plants
  • Solar panel cleaning companies
  • Solar parks with their own maintenance teams
Available Formats
  • 2kg drum
  • 5kg drum
  • 20kg drum
  • 1000kg IBC
Available Concentration
  • Solar Wash Protect 50 - dilution ratio 1:50
  • Solar Wash Protect 300 - dilution ratio 1:300


  • The surface of photovoltaic solar panels must be clean in order to ensure full operation and maximum efficiency. Any kind of dirt that may be on the surface of the solar module, be it dust, pollen, tree sap, bird droppings, sand, salt crystals, etc., will reduce the footprint of the sun's rays, i.e. reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the solar module cells, and thus the panel will produce less power.

  • To the naked eye the panels may appear clean, however there will be dirt accumulated, even if it is just the air pollution itself. A simple test to see if your panel is in need of cleaning is to wipe the surface of the panel with a white cloth or cotton pad before the actual cleaning.

  • According to recent studies, when a solar panel is very dirty it can lose up to 50% of its efficiency compared to a clean solar panel. However, an energy loss of 10 to 15% can be observed in panels with some dirt.

  • In fact, rain, snow, or wind alone does not wash the solar panels, because wind carries particles, snow because it blocks sunlight, and rainwater because it is slightly acidic and, when it dries, leaves spots that quickly attract dirt again, thus making the solar system less efficient.

    A simple way to illustrate why the weather alone does not wash out the solar panels is to look at the windshield of your car. If you leave your windshield dirty for a long time, you will lose visibility due to accumulated dirt, but thanks to the cleaner that you apply and the windshield wiper, you can wash the glass and regain visibility in no time!

    In this way, the solar panels are like the windshields of your car, except that they do not have readily available liquid for washing the solar panels associated with the windshield wiper.

  • In order for the warranty on your solar panel to remain valid, you should use solar panel cleaners that meet the manufacturers' requirements, such as Solar Wash Protect.

    However, as a rule, products with neutral pH that are tested by international laboratories and that are approved by the solar panel manufacturers themselves as they rule out any negative effect of their use on washing solar panels.

    • Solar Wash Protect 50 - dilution ratio 1:50
    • Solar Wash Protect 300 - dilution ratio 1:300

    For more information, see the Technical Sheet or contact us.

  • The SWP antistatic cleaning and protection solution effectively removes organic dirt, such as bird droppings, dust, ash, pollen, salt, cement dust, , and any other kind of organic dirt.

  • ChemiTek recommends using between 105mL and 206mL per m² of photovoltaic solar glass. For example, if you have a solar photovoltaic panel with a surface area of 1 m², the usage per solar panel is between 105mL and 206mL, but if you have solar photovoltaic panels with a surface area of 2 m², the usage per solar panel is between 210mL and 412mL.

    In case of doubt, contact us.

  • Solar Wash Protect as a cleaning product, in addition to efficiently removing different types of dirt, does not allow dirt to adhere as easily to the surface of the solar panel, due to its antistatic property. Therefore, by preventing the panels from getting dirty more quickly, it prevents a rapid decrease in the solar panel's power generation. Since dirt does not stick to the surface of the panel, in subsequent cleanings you will notice an easier and faster removal of dirt.

  • There are 3 options:

    1. The first option is to spray the product (already diluted) on the panels with a sprayer before the robot passing. You’ll have to turn off the water of the front brush so the robot can brush (with the front brush) and rinse (with the back brush) in a single pass. The Solarcleano F1 allows the possibility of closing the water to the front or back brush.
    2. In cases of severe soiling problems, you can mix SWP directly into the cleaning water. In this case, the dilution can be between 1:50 and 1:100 and it will be necessary to rinse the panels after the robot has passed.
    3. You can also use SWP as an additive for the cleaning water. We recommend a dilution of around 1kg of product for 500L of water. This will reduce the surface tension of the water, improving its penetration in the dirt thus making the cleaning more effective than just water. No rinsing is required.