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Jan, 23 - 2023

Can I use chemicals to clean my solar panels?

A very frequent question among solar panel cleaners is: can I use chemicals to clean solar panels? Yes, but beware! Solar cleaners and PV O&M teams should not be afraid of using cleaning solutions to clean PV panels, but they must know how to choose the correct solution to optimize their cleanings and protect the panels.

It is highly unrecommended the use of harsh chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, to clean solar panels. These chemicals are aggressive, some even abrasive(!), and they will damage the anti-reflective coating, the silicone seals and even the frame of the panels. Additionally, they can be harmful to the environment if they are not used and disposed of properly. So, the best solution is to use a cleaning solution that was specifically designed and certified for use on solar panels. These solutions are formulated to be pH neutral, free from harsh chemicals, safe for both the PV panels and environment and effective at removing dirt, bird droppings, and other organic soiling.

ChemiTek Solar’s solution Solar Wash Protect (SWP) ticks all those boxes. Having as our primary concern the protection of the PV panels and environment, we researched, studied, and tested all the necessary components and formulas to provide you a perfect cleaning solution. It was also essential to test and certify our SWP in independent and international laboratories to give you assurance of its safety. As the final and crucial step, we reached out to the major PV manufacturers for their validation of our SWP as safe to use on their panels, thus not voiding their warranty.

We are aware that this is a very delicate topic and therefore we have combined an optimal cleaning solution with the independent certification and the compliance letters from manufacturers to provide comfort to our clients by protecting them from any possible issues.

Solar Wash Protect is a concentrated cleaning and antistatic protection product specifically developed for photovoltaic solar panels, effective in cleaning a wide range of organic dirt. The antistatic propertiesof SWP make future cleanings easier, keeps the panel cleaner between cleanings, reduces cleaning time and water consumption by up to 50%(on manual cleanings).

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