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Evaluation of Operational and Efficiency Gains with Solar Wash Protect
Dec, 01 - 2021

Evaluation of Operational and Efficiency Gains with Solar Wash Protect

For ChemiTek is crucial to see real results of our products. In partnership with TNB and TNBES Malaysia a test was conducted in August 2020 to assess the operational and efficiency gains associated with the use of the cleaning and protection product, Solar Wash Protect from ChemiTek.

The main goals were to see the power generation improvement; understand the capacity of soiling removal, followed by non-adherence of the soiling, and the mean time between maintenance.

This trial runned over a period of 20 days, for comparison and evaluation of the efficiency and it was performed at three different levels. One string has been washed with water only, as a baseline with normal maintenance (SCM4), the second string was left without washing as a baseline without maintenance (SCM5), and the third string was washed with Solar Wash Protect (SCM6).

The Solar Wash Protect was applied manually by the O&M Team of TNBES with the use of brushes. The product was diluted in water, at the correct dilution ration, and sprayed directly on the panels with the use of a sprayer. After the dilution, the panels were then brushed thoroughly, and finally rinsed to remove the dirt and any excess product.

During the cleaning with SWP, the O&M team reported an increased cleaning speed by being able to remove the soiling more easily comparing to the string cleaned only with water. The water consumption was largely reduced by only being necessary to rinse the panels.

Energy output gains

In this test, the temperature of the panels had no influence in the results since all panels were subject to the same solar irradiation and ambient temperature. The energy output of each string was controlled at the inverter level and compared with the average energy generated.

The SCM4 was cleaned with water coming from a well. The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), minerals and organic matter, in the water were so high that they made the panels become even dirtier than before the cleaning. The energy production was lower by 4,9% when compared to the average production of the string.

The SCM5 was the uncleaned string and increased 1.06% due to the increased irradiation during the period of the test.

The SCM6 was cleaned with Solar Wash Protect presented an increase of 3,84%. Even though the same water as SCM4 was used, the softeners present in the SWP formula were able to reduce the influence of the TDS. Using SCM6 has a reference for the increased irradiation and deducting it from the results of the second panel, the use of Solar Wash Protect represented a total of 2,78% of increased energy output during the 20 days of test.

With the results above, the test was considered a success. The trust on ChemiTek and its products made TNBES want to evolve the relationship and become our exclusive distributor for Malaysia. Thank you!

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